Preparing For Your Shoot

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How To Prepare

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early if possible. 


  • Start warming up as soon as you get there
    • Your dancer needs to stretch the moment you get there. It helps with nerves and gets them ready to take pictures.


  • Have the first outfit already on when you arrive at the location
    • It just saves time. 


  • Remind your dancer to only do the moves they are best at.
    • I will direct most posing, but your dancer should be honesit if they are not confident doing something
    • While I will do most posing, please have them prepared with 3-5 of their favorite poses!.
    • This will also help prevent any injuries.


  • Have a playlist
    • Creating a playlist to dance to while photographing helps ease nerves and can help create a beat for them to dance to. 
    • Songs they have solos to are best!


  • Make sure to settle up the bill
    • You won't be able to see or receive any photos until your balance is paid.. 
    • If there are any problems with billing, please contact Dinelia.


  • Please be prepared to sit back and watch.
    • I kindly ask parents to sit back and let me and your dancer do the work. It is hard when parents interuppt the shoot with critiques or to fix something.
    • I will ask you if I need something fixed, but for the most part, I am able to handle it!
    • When kids are most comfortable, they perform best. It is stressful when they hear direction from both of us, and the shots may not turn out best under pressure.


  • Final images will be ready 2 weeks from shoot date.


What To Pack

  • Bring multiple outfits
    • Your dancer has unlimited outfit changes, but no additional time will be given for changing. 
    • Brings clothing that they will feel confident and comfortable in. 
    • Pack a mix of leos and street clothes they can dance in. 

    • Remember to keep the weather in mind. 

    • Don't forget shoes. Bring at least one pair of dance shoes.

    • I will send outfit recommandations 1 week before your shoot based on our location and your dancers age and ability.

    • Please inform me if your dancer will be on pointe or in tap shoes. Per policy, your dancer must be trained in pointe before shooting with pointe shoes. 


  • Bring a blanket or towel to change under

    • Bathrooms are not always available and they take more time away from your shoot. 


  • Bring accessories, hairbrushes, makeup, and baby wipes for dirty feet
    • Basically anything would need at competition. 


  • Bring a portable speaker (if you have one)
    • It will be more fun that way!


  • Also grab some water and snacks
    • Your dancer will be doing tough work, make sure they are hydrated and properly fueled. 

Just Have Fun with it!